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Be sure to check out the Joke of the Week--"5 Star Hangover".
[January 17, 2006]

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[January 05, 2006]

[August 17, 2006]
I have a new video each week on the Joke of The Week Page and have received many emails asking to make a link to all of them. Here they are:
Can Your Car Do This??
Adopt Pinkey, Hes A Loving Cat
Whats that Smell??
Monkey Joke
Wheres my Change Very strong Language, but FUNNY
Ballistic Kitty Without a doubt, the most popluar!!
Wheelie Another Favorite!
Ferrari A good one.
Baby Funny!!
Blades What an Idiot!!
Moron Another Idiot!!
Puddle What was he thinking??
Horse One word, OUCH!
Treadmill Ever had a day like this??
Goped Is this thing bad or what??
TLC Funny!?
Bull Poor Guy!
Beach Watch your step!
Blonde with a Gun DON'T MOVE!!

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