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[September 06, 2003]

I am really making some progress now!! It is about 95% complete. The only thing I still need to do is get the brakes bled and fabricate an upper handlebar brace. We took it for a little spin around the yard and did fair. I really dont think its going to be an off-roader. It faired well after it got up to speed, but taking off in the grass is a true test. After I get the brakes working, I am going to take it to an open parking lot to see how it does. I'm currently running a 3HP Briggs, but I'm thinking of swapping it for a 6.5HP Honda. I have to get all of the bugs worked before I disassemble it for paint. Be sure to check out the videos below!! Be sure to check them out and check back as I continue the build.

Stage 1/ Stage 2/ Stage 3/ Stage 4/ Stage 5

Barstool One
Barstool Two
Barstool Three

Below is a list of the pictures. Click on the links to view the individual pics. If you have a high speed connection, you can click on the High Speed link, and all of the images will load into one window! *Once you are done looking at the image, just click on it and the window will close!

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|High Speed? See All!|

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